eBay listings (Not Mine)

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eBay listings (Not Mine)

Postby Eric » Mon Aug 19, 2013 1:52 am

I've found quite a few interesting things for PCjr being auctioned on eBay today that all seemed to pop up recently and are from different sellers.
I thought it was kind of cool and thought you guys should see it.

The'res a Speech Sidecar being sold for 24.99plus shipping. (Which comes to 10.84 for me) The seller says it's "Mint Condition".
This seller also has a cluster sidecar with a starting bid of $9.99 and BIN at $29.00.

I also found a listing for three power board with a starting bid at $12.99 and a BIN price at $24.99.
There's a longer board in there, but shipping is about twenty bucks. Plus a lot of three cards is kind of weird.

OH! There's an unused QumeTrak 142, too! I've seen a few of these on eBay that were new, but what caught my attention for this is the [/u]starting bid of $19.99[/url] and ten dollars shipping.
It has about six days left on the auction and I'd imagine that the bids will probably get pretty high, but if it's really unused, then it probably is worth a small wad of cash.

I never actually seen this much PCjr stuff on eBay at once, especially like this stuff that's a bit hard to find.
These prices also seem to be more reasonable than what we usually see people asking on there, too. So take a look at these if you haven't already, I guess...
And feel free to share your related findings, too!
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Re: eBay listings (Not Mine)

Postby jmetal88 » Mon Aug 19, 2013 6:36 am

I almost bid on a Microsoft PCjr Booster a few days ago to replace the one I ruined, but I didn't and it ended up going for around $50, I think (plus $15 shipping). I would have paid up to $30 for it, but $50 is a bit more than it's worth, to me.
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Re: eBay listings (Not Mine)

Postby Trixter » Wed Sep 04, 2013 11:33 am

There were two speech sidecars, actually -- I snagged one but I haven't tested it yet. (I have another one with the full tech ref but I can't find it at the moment :-(

I also grabbed a cluster adapter, which I have never seen on ebay before. I know I can't use it, but it will make a nice addition to the PCjr exhibit I'm working on for VCFMW at the end of the month.
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