Questions regarding the Speech Attachment and Power Exp.

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Questions regarding the Speech Attachment and Power Exp.

Postby jhuyett » Sat Jan 09, 2021 12:27 pm

Hello All,
Speech Attachment: Lucky find in an eBay auction for a listed lot including "PC Jr Power Expansion Unit, Parallel Attachment, Keyboards x2".
Noticed in the auction a single picture of a sidecar with the headphone jack and was ecstatic.

First time I'm seeing an entirely plastic sidecar shell vs metal and wondering if this was common? I understand the reasoning (cost savings) but never saw one before.

Power Expansion: I have one set aside (NOS - nicer than the one included in the above), but so far have following hooked in and haven't noticed a needed the extra power: Floppy Expansion Attachment, Parallel Printer, and jrIDE.
Now having the above Speech Attachment, wondering if it's time to add the Power Expansion. Or how I would know if this it's needed?

Also, is the power attachment being the first a recommendation or a requirement? The floppy expansion sidecar is wired into the console itself and not looking to remove.
The only mention I can find is a mention in another forum: "This sidecar must be inserted before any sidecars it needs to power (closer to the system unit)".

Apologies for all the q's.
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