Floppy Drive Issue

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Floppy Drive Issue

Postby ckreling » Wed Jan 27, 2021 5:40 pm

Here is an interesting issue perhaps someone can help with

I am using an HP Kayak win 98 as my tweener machine. I put an actual PCJr 360 drive in it and windows 98 worked great with it.

I subsequently downloaded HD-Copy (disk image DOS utility). That utility works great and can read disks and save the buffer to an image on the hard disk. Ever since using that utility win 98 and DOS can no longer read or write or format any DS/DD 360K disks.

Is it possible that a tool like HD-Copy can do something whereby the floppy no longer would work with WIN 98 or DOS?. The same floppy disks can be read/written/formatted in the PCJr.

I know the hardware on the drive in the tweener machine must be good because the HD-Copy utility can read the disk track by track.

Any tips appreciated!

Thanks Charles
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[RESOLVED] Floppy Drive Issue

Postby ckreling » Thu Jan 28, 2021 5:45 pm


I did some more reading and a likely culprit was the LED or photocell for the index hole.

Removed the drive and sure enough one lead was broken off of the photocell - likely just from age - that part never moves.

Soldered it back and the drive works perfectly. I suppose it was just coincidence that the drive failed when I was using HD-Copy. And I surmise HD-Coppy works without need for locating track 0 and thus does not need the photocell to be working.

Felt good to figure it out and fix. Hopefully this helps others.
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