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IRCjr is a small and fast IRC client designed for early IBM PCs and similar machines. The features and coding style were chosen to make it very usable even on the oldest and smallest of machines. Features include:

Below is a screen shot of it running in DOSBox on a Windows XP machine.


In the screenshot above you can see the following:

And here is a older YouTube video of the original version or IRCjr running on an IBM PCjr. (The YouTube video can be viewed in higher resolution on the YouTube site.)

IRCjr is not a replacement for a full featured modern IRC client. If you need file transfer capabilities, multiple connections to different servers, etc. then you probably want a modern IRC client on a modern machine. But for simple chatting on a single server with multiple channels it does very well.


IRCjr is included with the other mTCP based applications. They can be downloaded from the main mTCP page here.

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