mTCP HTGet for DOS logo

HTGet is a small utility that can fetch files or web pages from HTTP servers. Just give it a URL and it will grab the file or page!

Besides fetching pages HTGet can:

HTGet uses HTTP 1.1 which is the most current HTTP protocol. HTTP 1.1 allows HTGet to fetch files from virtual hosts. HTTP 0.9 and 1.0 are supported for compatibility with older HTTP servers.

HTGet was inspired by a version written by Ken Yap ( in 1997 for the WATTCP TCP/IP library. This version is a complete rewrite using some of the concepts from the original.

Here is a screenshot of HTGet in action:

mTCP HTGet screen shot

In the first example the search page is downloaded and stored in the file GOOGLE.HTM. In the second example the mTCP logo from is downloaded and stored in MTCP.GIF. Verbose messages are turned on so that you can see the progress of the request and response.


HTGet is included with the other mTCP based applications. They can be downloaded from the main mTCP page here.

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