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SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol) is a simple version of NTP (Network Time Protocol) used for synchronizing computer clocks on the Internet. It is widely used by routers and computers to make sure that their clocks are reasonably accurate. This version of SNTP is for machines running DOS and it will let you fetch the time from a public NTP server on the Internet and optionally set your system time to that time.

The executable (sntp.exe) is only 40KB in size. I use it to check and set the time on a PC XT which does not have a clock/calendar chip - it gets done right in the autoexec.bat file after DHCP runs to get an address. Like magic, the time is set when the machine boots up! The same trick can be used to keep the clock accurate on newer machines.

Here is a screenshot of SNTP in action:

mTCP SNTP screen shot

SNTP fetching the current time from

(Note: DOSBox is great for getting screen shots, but it doesn't actually let you set the time! On a virtual machine running DOS or a real PC the time would get set, but under DOSBox it just happily reports the time is set and does nothing.)


SNTP is included with the other mTCP based applications. They can be downloaded from the main mTCP page here.

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