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mTCP Telnet is a telnet client for DOS that allows you to connect to other systems running telnet servers, telnet BBSes, or online MUDs (multi-user dungeons, the original online virtual worlds.) Telnet includes ANSI terminal emulation so that you should be able to enjoy color and cursor control on the systems you are connecting to.

This version of Telnet is designed for early IBM PCs and similar machines. Great care was taken to make the screen updating as fast as possible, making it usable even on the slowest of systems. Features include:

And here are some screen shots showing different uses. (Click on each one to see the full size image.)

mTCP Telnet client screen shot showing Linux coding

Editing code on a Linux machine with the Help/Status window showing

mTCP Telnet client screen shot showing the forest at

In the forest at

mTCP Telnet client screen shot showing Netris at

Playing Netris at

mTCP Telnet client screen shot showing Welcome screen for

Initial welcome screen for using the 80x50 VGA mode


Telnet is included with the other mTCP based applications. They can be downloaded from the main mTCP page here.

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